Cercia Director

Research Fellows

Administrative Staff

  • Laura Jackson (Centre Administrator)

PhD Students

  • Renzhi Chen
  • Pietro Consoli
  • Xiaofen Lu
  • Liyan Song
  • Mang Wang (visiting student from USTC)

Strategic Collaborators

  • UBRI, China (led by Professors Ke Tang and Huanhuan Chen)
  • HRI-EU, Germany (led by Professor Dr Bernhard Sendhoff)

Contacts within the School of Computer Science

Cercia works closely with staff members from the School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham, especially:

  • Padma Reddy (Business Development Manager for the School of Computer Science):

Some Cercia Alumni

  • Dr. Alberto Moraglio
  • Dr. Andy Pryke
  • Dr. Ben Jones
  • Dr. Chris Bowers
  • Dr. Colin Frayne
  • Dr. Dirk Sudholt
  • Dr. Huanhuan Chen
  • Dr. Jianyong Sun
  • Dr. Jin Li
  • Dr. Jun He
  • Dr. Leandro Minku
  • Dr. Ming Yang (research visitor from China University of Geosciences)
  • Dr. Mohammed Tayarani
  • Dr. Per Kristian Lehre
  • Dr. Peter Lewis
  • Dr. Philipp Rohlfshagen
  • Dr. Pietro Oliveto
  • Dr. Ramon Sagarna
  • Dr. Sancho Salcedo-Sanz
  • Dr. Shan He
  • Dr. Siang Yew Chong
  • Dr. Simon Hammond
  • Dr. Thorsten Schnier
  • Dr. Trung Thanh Nguyen
  • Dr. Xiaoli Li
  • Dr. Yong Xu
  • Dr. Guofu Zhang (research visitor from Hefei University of Technology)