The core research team of staff working on the iSense project are as follows:

Research Team Area of Research Publications
Prof. Xin Yao Ensemble learning and evolutionary learning. publications
Dr. Peter Tino Machine learning and neural computation. publications
Dr. Huanhuan Chen Machine learning and ensemble learning. publications
Dr. Shuo Wang Ensemble learning for Imbalanced Data. publications
Dr. Leandro L. Minku Online and ensemble learning. publications

The research collaborator of iSense is listed as follows:

Research Collaborator Role Area of Research Publications
Mr. Rodrigo Soares Research student Ensemble Learning and Semi-supervised Learning publications
Prof. Patricio Garc\'ia B\'aez Research collaborator Artificial Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning Departamento de Estad\'istica, Investigaci\'on Operativa y Computac\'on, Universidad de La Laguna, La Laguna, Tenerife, Spain publications