A Repository of Large Scale Global Optimization

What Is Included?

This repository includes the following items:

  1. Published algorithms that are designed to solve large-scale global optimization problems. This includes:
    • Algorithms for solving constrained and unconstrained problems.
    • Algorithms to solve large-scale multi-objective problems.
  2. Benchmark problems for constrained and unconstrained large-scale real-valued, integer, and combinatorial problems.
  3. Papers and/or technical reports that formulate a large-scale real-world problem.

How large is large?

It is clear that the notation of large-scale is not a fix and changes over time and varies from problem to problem. In a broad sense, a problem is considered large-scale if it causes scalability issues on the state-of-the-art algorithms. For the purposes of this repository, we consider any problem with over 100 decision variables a large-scale problem.

Note: If you believe you have a LSGO paper which is not listed below, please send the details of your paper along with its electronic copy to Xin Yao or Mohammad N. Omidvar.

The Repository